Your Special Day - Your Way

Well the summer wedding season is in full swing & having reviewed my bookings (& future bookings) it is evident that a number of bride & grooms have specific requirements for their special day. This is why I think it's very important to convey your requirements to your dj to fit into your day. 

I remember a couple of years back I set up at a wedding venues "blue room" and thought my set up looked quite special with black twinkly star cloth & a lovely blue wash of lights. However as more suppliers arrived and set up I realised that my black set up clashed with the pure white theme that was setting up around me (white led dance floor / elegant white chair covers/ white photo booth). This was the one of the main reasons why I introduced the new all white set up seen below. To ensure I enhance add to theme of your day if a white wedding is what you require.


The full white set up

The full white set up

I ensure that I know what you want via a number of ways: 

1. Corresponding via emails to ensure I know exactly and agree what you require

2. Meeting you at either your home or a cafe to discuss your ideas. At these meetings I also bring along a copy of the room layout so we can agree where I will set up to enhance your theme/day. 

3. Or meet you at the venue when you are meeting your wedding co-ordinator to agree what you require. 

(if you are also having some live music - singer or band- I also ensure I have spoken & agreed requirements with them). 

That might sound like a lot from a DJ but I can assure you it's worth it so by the time the evening celebration starts you and your guests can do what the day is all about - celebrate your wedding. 


As I said  - Your Special Day Your Way