Party Time

The wedding day can start very early in the morning and end late into the night ( or early hours of the next day). If you break this down it means that the 5-6 hour disco at the end of the day is a good 25-30% of the actual wedding day. This is why I always tell everyone of my bride & grooms not to underestimate the planning of the evening disco.  

A lot of guests look forward to the celebration disco and a good dj will help provide the "icing on the cake". For me I always try to find what will or won't work as every wedding is different. I talk with my bride/grooms and plan out how the evening will pan out . After all we have all been to those wedding discos where we wonder what the dj is up to! For me that "failure to connect" is normally down to the Dj either not doing his homework with the families or just not being very good at reading an audience. I can honestly say there is nothing better as  a dj  when you play a tune ( that you know will work from your earlier planning) that gets a great reaction from a packed dance floor.

So if you are in the process of starting to plan your wedding day don't ignore the latter part of the day. It might not rank as high as other important wedding day items but it a significant part of the day that if done wrong can feel a lot longer than 5 hours. 

For me I really enjoy that moment at the end of the night when the guests/ bride & groom are "buzzing" having had a great end to a fabulous day.  That doesn't just happen it takes planning, experiance and bit of talent.